Free Crochet Pattern: Mary Jane Slippers

I decided today to share one of my favorite slipper patterns.  These mary jane slippers are cute, comfy and a lot more stylish than some traditional crochet slipper patterns.  
The pattern I use for the adult slippers was designed by Nikki Kirkwood.  The instructions call for a button to be used as an accent on the slippers but you can use any applique you want.  In the picture above, I used a small flower instead of the button.  For Valentine’s Day, I crocheted some slippers for a gift and used a small pink heart.  The pattern for the adult slippers is available as a free download and can be found:
I recently completed a custom order for matching adult and toddler mary jane slippers.  To complete the order, I created the pattern for toddler slippers below.  The pattern is for a toddler with a shoe size of  6-7.5 but can be adjusted to fit up to a toddler size 10.
Toddler Slipper Pattern 
This pattern is also available as a free download:  Click Here
Worsted Weight Yarn
H/5.00 mm hook
Tapestry needle
Decorative applique

Slippers were made to fit toddlers size 6-7.5 but can be adjusted to fit up to a toddler size 10.  To make slippers larger or smaller, adjust the number of rows during Rows 14-16.

Make 2

Ch 3,
Row 1: 6 hdc in 3rd ch from hook, sl st to first hdc to join. (6)
Row 2: ch 2, 2 hdc in each of the next 6 sts, sl st to top of ch 2 to join. (12)
Row 3: ch 2, *1 hdc in first st, 2 hdc in following st*, repeat from * to *, end with 2 hdc in last st, sl st to     top of ch 2 to join.(18)
Row 4-8: ch 2, 1 hdc in each of the following 18 sts, sl st to top of ch 2 to join. (18)

Row 9: ch 1, turn, single crochet in next 14 sts.
Row 10:  ch1, turn, single crochet in the next 14 sts, ch 7.
Row 11:  sc in 2ndch from hook and in next 19 sts.
Row 12:  ch 1, turn, sc in next 20 sts, sl st across slipper to connect the strap.
Row 13:  ch 1, sc in 14 sts.
Row 14-16: ch 1, turn, sc in next 14 sts.
Row 17: ch 1, turn, sc in next 3 sts, sc2tog 3 times, sc in last 3 sts.  Tie off leaving a 6 inch tail.
Turn slipper inside out.  Using the six inch tail and a tapestry needle, fold the slipper in half and sew together the heel.  Turn slipper right side out.
Using a tapestry needle and matching yarn, sew the strap in place.
Weave in ends and add your desired appliqué.

Flower Applique:
To create the flower, I used a crochet hook size G.
Form a magic ring
Ch 3, Tr, Ch 3, sl st in ring to create first petal
Repeat 4 times until you have five petals.
Pull the magic ring tight to form the flower.

4 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern: Mary Jane Slippers

  1. Ok, I feel so silly!! I really like this pattern, but Im just not getting Row 10 (on the childrens pattern) I chain 7…. and the I have no idea where the next 19 st go..come from… Could you please help?? Thank you so much!!Victoria**

  2. The pattern says 'sc in 2nd CHAIN from hook and in next 19 sts.' So after you make the 7 chains, turn and start crocheting from the second chain onwards – you will end up with 20 stitches total. That makes the strap.

  3. Hello!I really would like to crochet the adult Mary Jane slippers, buy unfortunately the pattern is no longer available on Ravelry. Is it possible for you to re-post the pattern? Thank you!

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