Free Crochet Pattern: Mary Jane Skimmer Booties

Crochet Mary Jane Skimmer Booties Pattern

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Adorable little Mary Jane skimmers. These little booties come with the pattern for the flower shown in the picture but also look great by themselves or can be dressed up with another applique.

They are very quick to whip up and make a great gift! Perfect little booties for spring/summer.

 The pattern has separate instructions for each size: 0-3 months (approximately 3.5 inches), 3-6 months (approximately 4 inches), and 6-12 months (approximately 4.5 inches). The slippers do have some give to them to accommodate a growing baby.

Size G crochet hook

Worsted weight yarn (I use Red Heart Super Saver)

Needle to weave in loose ends

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This pattern is available as a free PDF download:   Mary Jane Skimmer Booties

Or, download via Ravelry: download now


19 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern: Mary Jane Skimmer Booties

  1. These are sooo cute!!! I'm going to have to add a couple stitches and make these for my 1 1/2 year old! :-)I am a new follower! I found you from Little Becky Homecky's Fantabulous Friday Party. :-)I invite you (and your readers) to stop by my blog, check out my crochet patterns (and other stuff) and add your link(s) to my very first lil' Blog Hop! :-) look forward to seeing you there! :-)~Susie~

  2. If you download the pattern, then copy the text & put it in a word processing document, you can save it with no pictures, or also copy the photos you want & place them in the document. I did that, with a few key photos to help me, and with font resizing, got it down to 2 pages.Then saved it in my documents.

  3. Is there anyway you could add the total numbers of stitches in each round. I am not getting the right results and I know that I am miss-counting a stitch somewhere.

  4. I created an outfit and I used your pattern for the booties! I uploaded a picture and a link to your blog on my blog! Check it out! Would love to hear your comments!

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